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Minute on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

With the growing devastation in the Middle East, it is difficult to make sense of such violence and bloodshed. At Herndon Friends Meeting, we primarily grieve with those who have suffered due to war.

In addition to our grief, we have put into words how our beliefs in peace and justice can shape our thinking on this issue. The following minute was inspired by the Charlottesville Friends Meeting's minute on the conflict in Israel and Palestine. Our meeting found unity on the following words:

A Quaker Witness and Call to Action

Quakers believe in the sacred worth of all individuals. Thus we bear witness for peace in all its forms. We grieve for those in Palestine and Israel who are suffering the horrors of war. Further violence will not bring peace. We call on the United States government to press for an immediate ceasefire, the provision of humanitarian relief, and active engagement for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.


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