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Our Values

We are all ministers in that we have the obligation to speak to the Truth that we know. Sometimes we are led to share these new understandings out of the silence in the Meeting for Worship.


We believe every person is loved by the Divine Spirit. Our community welcomes and affirms people of all religious backgrounds, races, education levels, classes, sexual orientations, ages, and gender identities.

Quakers uphold six testimonies, commonly called SPICES,  described on our Quakerism page. Our members organize into committees to manage our meeting and to put our faith into practice by helping our local community and lobbying for national policy that aligns with our mission of peace, equality, and stewardship.

2011 Christmas pageant, memorial stones

We believe that the spirit of God is available to all people. Many Friends find this manifestation of the Spirit exemplified in Jesus of Nazareth. The Divine Spirit became so wholly Jesus’ own that his teaching, example, and sacrificial life reveal the will of God to humanity.

The Society of Friends has no formal creed, but Herndon Friends' larger organization, the Baltimore Yearly Meeting, has compiled a set of ideals and experiences common to Friends in the document Faith and Practice.

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